Fire emergency rescue of Zhejiang Jinhua printing

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On the evening of April 7, a migrant worker in a private printing plant at No. 59, Lizhou Middle Road, Yongkang, Jinhua, Zhejiang was caught by a high-speed printing machine with his left hand. After nearly 15 minutes' efforts of fire control, public security and 120 first aid personnel, the left hand can also extend the service life of the equipment. The young man stuck in the machine was successfully rescued and sent to the hospital

at 20:40 p.m., Zhejiang Jinhua Yongkang fire brigade, after receiving the alarm, immediately dispatched a rescue vehicle and 7 officers and soldiers to the scene for disposal. Six minutes later, the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene. They saw a middle-aged man whose left hand was stuck in the paper inlet of the printing machine. His face was pale, his body was sweating profusely, his body was shaking constantly, and he was breathing heavily. His hands had been swollen, and there were blood stains around. The workers were very anxious around the machine, but they were at a loss. After arriving at the scene, the rescue and fire fighting officers and men carefully observed the situation of machines and people, which is also the only enterprise in China that can produce reactive polyolefin structural adhesive one by one, and carefully asked other staff about the structure of the printing machine. After obtaining the relevant information, with rich rescue experience, The fire officers and soldiers realized that once they acted rashly, the consequences could cause secondary damage to the men's hands relying on the perfect internal communication network and accurate color matching system. With the passage of time, the man's arm became purple gradually. After the examination of the medical staff on the scene, it was determined that the man's arm was blocked by the card, and now began to swell. If the blood circulation was not restored, the cells of the whole hand would be necrotic after turning from purple to black

time is life. The commander decisively decided to disassemble the machine before rescue. After the plan was finalized, the fire fighters quickly launched rescue operations, and began to dismantle the machine with wrenches and pliers, while comforting the stuck man. The rescue work is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner, and the hearts of the surrounding workers are also nervously affecting the young man. Everyone hopes that the young man can get rid of the machine as soon as possible. Seeing that one cylindrical roller was broken and taken out, everyone saw hope. With the cooperation of the factory staff with a large amount of oil from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve, the fire officers and soldiers quickly disassembled the machine. With the sound of "one, two, three", four officers and soldiers lifted the upper part of the machine. At the same time, other personnel quickly took the arm of the trapped man out of the machine. The medical staff on the scene immediately sent him to the hospital for treatment after simple bandaging

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