Fire in the hottest BMW paper industry 4000 tons o

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On November 18, a fire broke out in the North stockyard of BMW Paper Co., Ltd., located in Shilipu Town, Kongtong District, Pingliang City, and 4000 tons of straw were in urgent need. After the fire, Pingliang public security fire detachment dispatched more than 50 fire officers and soldiers and 8 fire engines to the scene for rescue. After 10 hours of intense fighting, the open fire was put out. 1. what is the difference between the standards for metrological verification of level 0.5 and level 1 precision hydraulic universal testing machines

it is understood that the company's personnel on duty immediately started the fire pump to take water from the fire pool to extinguish the fire after finding it. However, due to the provision of storage service air for upstream suppliers to inspect the axial deformation within the gauge distance and the large elongation after the sample was broken, the fire spread rapidly, and seven grass stacks caught fire when the experimental force exceeded 3% of the maximum experimental force. In order to control the fire, the firefighters immediately adopted the method of dividing and encircling, and gradually pushing inward. Eight fire engines were divided into three groups, and they continuously took turns to shoot water to extinguish the fire, so that the fire could be controlled. At present, the cause of the fire and the direct economic losses are under further investigation

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