Fire monitor safety risk control

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Monitor safety risk control

1. there is always a suitable model for you to check the number of people before entering the well, and then the monitor will lead the team into the well

2. concentrate on walking, pay attention to the roof and road surface, and find vehicles. These materials have been widely used to delay dodging

1 monitor Enron risk control

construction process: organize pre shift meeting → individual well entry → Enron confirmation before shift handover → patrol inspection → shift handover → individual pit elevation

2. the support components are complete and appropriate quality standards

3. The equipment shall be in accordance with the standard for no shortage of motor equipment, and the splicing shall be reasonable. It is strictly prohibited to stay around the running machine head and machine, which can effectively solve the problem

4. The gas concentration of the task face is stable, less than 1%

1. the head of the main sub district shall make a tour inspection and fill in a card for assessment

2. The monitor shall check the environment of each post box and fill in a card, which shall be assessed by the staff on duty after the pit is raised

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