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Abstract: with the development of society, people's living standards and requirements continue to improve. People's concept of home is not only living, but also gradually becoming a place for entertainment and even office. Nowadays, due to the characteristics of many electrical appliances, modern plastic materials and dense wiring, the consequences of a fire are unimaginable

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1.1 with the development of society, people's living standards and requirements continue to improve. People's concept of home is not just living, but has gradually become a place for entertainment and even office. Nowadays, due to the characteristics of many electrical appliances, modern plastic materials and dense wiring, the consequences of a fire are unimaginable

1.2 from the perspective of the market, the so-called intelligent community launched by real estate developers is still blank in the electrical design of fire protection, and the fire equipment is only limited to fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Most people have not received fire training, and even the fire hoses can not be used. Once a fire occurs, the loss will be huge. This situation is extremely unfair to the households who invest millions to buy houses. According to the questionnaire survey, 87.8% of the intelligent community residents in Guangzhou are not satisfied with the fire protection design of their living units, and 76.5% of the residents believe that if the house purchase cost increases by 10%, they will still give priority to the community with relatively perfect fire protection design

in this context, if real estate developers can timely launch intelligent residential areas with the concept of "security", they will be very popular

2 fire protection electrical design

according to the provisions of code for fire protection design of fence type aluminum base lead alloy composite anode plate with stable structure in high-rise civil buildings, class I fire protection buildings include ordinary residential buildings with 19 floors and above; High grade residential buildings and Hotels with a building height of more than 24m. Most of the advanced intelligent residential areas discussed in this paper belong to a class of fireproof buildings

2.1 automatic fire alarm system

automatic fire alarm system is an automatic fire-fighting facility set in civil buildings for the purpose of early detection and timely notification of fire, so as to take effective measures to control and extinguish the fire. It is also a powerful tool to fight against fire

according to the different fire rating of buildings, the following will introduce to you 1. The automatic alarm system adopts different structural forms. Generally speaking, the alarm system has the following three types

a. the composition of control center alarm system is shown in Figure 1. The centralized fire alarm controller is set in the fire control room. Other fire-fighting equipment and linkage control equipment can be controlled in two ways: decentralized long-term control and centralized remote control. The feedback signal of the working state of each fire-fighting equipment must be centrally displayed on the monitoring or general console in the fire control room, so as to comprehensively control and manage the fire safety facilities in the building. The alarm system in the control center can detect hundreds or even thousands of areas

b. the composition of the centralized alarm system is shown in Figure 2. The centralized alarm system shall be set in the room on duty or in the fire duty room. If the centralized alarm is not set in the fire control room, its output signal shall be led to the fire control room, which is conducive to the centralized monitoring and unified management of the whole automatic fire alarm system in the building

c. the composition of the area alarm system is shown in Figure 3. When the regional alarm system is adopted, the number of regional alarm controllers shall not exceed three, because there is no centralized alarm controller, and it is not convenient for centralized monitoring and management when there are too many and scattered fire alarm areas

the above three systems shall be selected according to specific conditions in the actual design process

2.2 selection of fire detectors in the alarm system

fire detectors are the detection elements of the automatic fire alarm system. Their types are shown in Figure 4. They convert the heat, smoke or light generated at the initial stage of a fire into electrical signals, and when their electrical signals exceed a certain value, they are transmitted to the relevant alarm control equipment. Its working stability, reliability, sensitivity and other technical indicators directly affect the operation of the whole fire protection system

in the early stage of fire, there is smoldering class, that is, there is a large amount of smoke and a small amount of heat generation, and there is little or no flame radiation (such as the ignition of cotton and linen fabrics), smoke detectors should be selected. In order to find out the hidden danger of fire earlier, the intelligent community should choose this kind of detector

for smoke detectors, level I sensitivity shall be selected in non-smoking, clean and stable places, such as computer room and library, and level II sensitivity shall be selected for general places, such as bedroom and living room. For places with a small amount of smoke and changing environmental conditions, such as conference rooms and shopping malls, class III sensitivity shall be selected

2.3 selection of automatic alarm controller in alarm system

automatic fire alarm controller is an automatic alarm device that supplies power to fire detection, receives, displays and transmits fire alarm signals, and can output control instructions. It can be used for automatic fire alarm alone, and can also be linked with the automatic disaster prevention and fire extinguishing system to form an automatic alarm linkage control system

alarm controllers can be divided into regional alarm controllers and centralized alarm controllers according to their functions and properties. The regional alarm controller and the centralized alarm controller are basically similar in composition and working principle, but there are the following differences in selection:

a. the existing market pattern in the region will be reshuffled. The alarm controller has a small control range and can be used alone, while the centralized alarm controller is responsible for the whole system and cannot be used alone

b. the signals of the area alarm controller come from various detectors, while the input of the centralized alarm controller generally comes from the area alarm detector

c. the regional alarm detector must have self inspection function, while the centralized alarm controller shall have self inspection and patrol inspection functions. Due to the above and the following differences, the two cannot be confused in use. When the monitoring area is small

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