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Recently, Wuhan decoration owners said that the labor price is becoming more and more expensive. Compared with last year, the labor of decoration workers has increased by 10% to 15%. Xiao Wang, the owner who is going to decorate this year, can't help feeling that the woodworking fee alone is more than 10000 higher than the quotation last year

when I visited major decoration companies, I found that the wages of carpenters at the end of last year were about 250 yuan/day, but this year, carpenters almost rose to 300 yuan/day. The author calculated that in the face of rising labor and material costs, the decoration after the price rise will cost at least 20000 more than before

the labor cost is 300 yuan/day, and the decoration owner is "under great pressure"

"the rise in the previous year was for water electricians, last year was for bricklayers, this year was for carpenters, and next year was for painters." A project manager joked that since this year, labor costs have generally risen, of which the price rise of carpentry is the highest, up to 10% to 15%. "There are many ways to pay carpenters' wages, such as by day, by board, by project, etc. by day, it was about 250 yuan a day last year, and 300 yuan a day this year; by project, if the project can be completed in a month, the monthly salary is generally about 89000 yuan, which is more than a white-collar worker at work."

General manager Qiu, who decorated with Xinfeng fashion, said, "labor costs will only get higher and higher, so decoration is the same as buying a house, so we should take advantage of it!" As a decoration company, the rise in labor and material prices is an invisible pressure. However, the income of Wuhan owners has not increased, so the budget will not rise, and the profits of the decoration company will be thinner and thinner

who is behind the price rise

in recent years, it is an indisputable fact that the labor cost of the decoration industry has generally increased. There are many factors that affect price fluctuations, but all changes are inseparable. The main reason for the rise in prices is the imbalance between supply and demand. Over the years, Wuhan has stepped into the fast track of development, the city is changing with each passing day, the real estate market is booming, and the delivery volume is high, so there are more and more owners who need decoration, that is to say, there is a strong demand for decoration

the corresponding decoration workers are in the stage of shortage. Chen Min, manager of Wuhan Liuhe Yaju Decoration Engineering Department, said that in the past, it was the home decoration company that chose the decoration master. Now it is the home decoration company that chose the decoration master. There is an increasing shortage of skilled masters, and the decoration team is facing the problem of age gap and youth shortage. The designer of Wuhan Longfa decoration also said that the current decoration masters tend to be younger, and there are not many good crafts that can be inherited, and the fault phenomenon is very serious. Many decoration company project managers invite skilled masters everywhere. Therefore, the serious imbalance between supply and demand has led to the soaring price of decoration workers

in addition, the increase in the cost of living is also one of the important reasons for the rise in prices. A bricklayer who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years told the author, "now the rent and food prices are rising. How can we catch up with the price rise if we don't raise our wages?" He said that five years ago, 50 yuan, including rent, water and electricity, and meals, was enough. Now it takes at least 70 yuan to scrape through a day. Indeed, prices have been rising in recent years, especially the price of oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, which are closely related to life, has undoubtedly raised the cost of living. Recommended reading: is the winter of Wuhan home decoration industry really coming

tips from professionals: take advantage of the price rise of the home decoration company to place an order

the owners who are preparing to decorate begin to make arrangements for the decoration, consult the decoration company, and run the building materials market. You will find that the cost of decoration materials is rising, and the labor cost is also rising, so can the cost of home decoration rise

the labor cost in the decoration process is not a small expenditure, including water electrician, carpenter, painter, bricklayer... Various types of work. Under the current market, the average bricklayer has risen to more than 300 yuan a day, and the price continues to rise. Therefore, President Liu of Qingjiang landscape decoration suggested that Wuhan owners place orders quickly before the decoration company adjusts the price

in addition to placing orders or purchasing materials before the price rise, it is best to accurately calculate the amount of materials used before decoration. If you only make a rough estimate, you will often buy more materials, resulting in unnecessary waste. Many building materials must match the decoration process, or the specific model can be determined only after the construction reaches a certain degree. If the owner purchases the building materials in advance and does not communicate with the designer, it will often cause the later period to be incompatible with the whole decoration style, or the model needs to be changed or returned because it is not applicable, affecting the home decoration process

General rule Xu of baiwangju decoration suggests that in the face of the rise in the price of materials, the owner should also consider "light decoration, heavy decoration", and simplify the complexity of decoration from the decoration scheme, so as to achieve the purpose of cost control





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