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Chinese people still love Chinese style, but the classical Chinese style lacks the vitality of young people, so we have the modern Chinese decoration style. In the modern Chinese decoration style, we won't see the wood with too dark color, but we still retain the pattern of Chinese style. Chinese style has a fresh and elegant temperament. Now let's take a look at the effect of modern Chinese decoration to see what effect it brings to us

effect drawing of modern Chinese decoration — Porch

at the entrance porch, there is no way to knock down this wall, so it is used as the porch facing wall, because it is on the same plane as the dining room and living room, so this design also plays a good visual partition. The whole wall connected to the TV in the living room doesn't look so long. Selected the only coffee colored linear wall cloth used, equipped with a bright blue Chinese style locker, plus two Chinese paintings, the whole collocation makes people shine in front of the door

effect drawing of modern Chinese decoration — Living room

on the right side of the door is the location of the living room. This space is the only door leading to the balcony. The overall living room gives people the feeling of being square. It adopts blue linear wall cloth, matches with black coffee table, coffee sofa and curtains, and blue carpet, with stable and generous color. Insert a fancy ceiling, which is very simple, generous and more spacious

effect drawing of modern Chinese decoration — Dining room

the wall of this dining room is the same as the background wall of the living room, and the stainless steel metal thin lines are used in the middle to make a partition treatment, so that this wall looks distinctive and not rigid. The decorative fan matches well with the yellow tone of the dining lamp. Black glass sliding door is selected between the restaurant and kitchen, which makes a good partition between the two without affecting ventilation and lighting

effect drawing of modern Chinese decoration — Bedroom

you can see that this bedroom looks simple and generous. There is only a big bed and two bedside cabinets, and there is no TV cabinet. The color of the bedroom is very special. The master bedroom chooses dark blue with a little green, and the second bedroom chooses dark red as the background color, and the furniture is dark chestnut or black with one color

effect drawing of modern Chinese decoration — Balcony

the balcony has a large space, which is connected with the study. It is both a balcony and a leisure area. The overall design is lively and vivid, with spotted colors and bohemian feelings. Half is leisure, half is flower area, and also a sun terrace. Instead of installing clothes hangers, I'm afraid the overall taste will be damaged. Instead, I installed various hooks, which can hang flowers and plants or dry clothes. This area doesn't need to say much, just look at the picture directly

the above is the effect picture of modern Chinese decoration. You can see that there is a lot less rigid Chinese style, which is the effect of modern Chinese decoration. I hope you like it. It's very suitable for young people who like Chinese style





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