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It's easy to buy a house, but difficult to decorate. It's not only a lot of expenses, but also tiring to invite decoration companies, workers and furniture. For the decoration of two rooms and one living room, the requirements will not be too high. As long as you know how to make rational use of space and don't waste an inch of land, you can also decorate your home beautifully. The following Xiaobian will recommend you a set of modern simple renderings of Oriental jade dragon house with two bedrooms and one living room, with only 95 square meters and two bedrooms. First of all, the layout should be warm, and some changes have been made in the modification of the pattern, especially the kitchen wall. It is convenient and fashionable to open up and make a bar. Come and have a look

decoration owner's file:

Community: Dongfang yulongju (more decoration effect pictures of Dongfang yulongju)

house type: two bedroom and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 60000

decoration effect picture of modern simple living room with two bedrooms and one living room of Dongfang yulongju (picture)

my purpose of decoration is to simplify everything, but Jane also needs to start on the premise of decorating the house beautifully. First of all, I position the style as simple style, whether it is spatial layout or furniture furnishings and purchases. In the living room, a set of simple cloth sofa, a white square coffee table and a white and blue lattice rug are indispensable. What I am most proud of is that I found a cheap round wooden table, which adds a unique interest to the living room

decoration effect drawing of modern simple living room with two bedrooms and one living room in Dongfang yulongju (picture)

a TV cabinet, a DVD and two small and chic speakers constitute the main picture of the living room. The TV background wall is my favorite work. It is simple to make and super matches with the TV cabinet. On it, there are some souvenirs and CDs brought back by tourism, which adds a lot of points to this whitewashed wall

decoration effect drawing of modern simple kitchen with two bedrooms and one living room in Dongfang yulongju (picture)

the kitchen is open. I suggest you not to install doors, especially for ladies who love beauty. If you have to turn around in the kitchen all day, the door is closed, airtight, and the skin is super rough and dry, my face full of acne is a sufficient lesson

Oriental yulongju two bedrooms and one living room modern simple bedroom decoration effect picture (picture)

this is my bedroom, super simple, of course, the simplicity reveals the warmth, comfort, cleanness and tidiness, and does not need too much decoration

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