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If you decorate your home cool and bright in summer, you should pay attention to the choice of lamps and lanterns. Timely adjustment of the color of lighting can add a different luster to life

transparent materials are popular this year.

recently, the author visited many lamp decoration cities and found that lamps with simple structure, fine workmanship and bright colors have become popular keywords this year, taking into account the characteristics of beauty, practicality and personalization. In the past, the situation that the living room and bedroom are often led by one lamp is changing, and multi light source design has become the mainstream of the living room and dining room. At the same time, taking into account the lighting needs of every user and every living situation, the environmental lighting provided by the main light source makes the indoor illumination uniform, while the key lighting or local lighting provided by the display lamp, table lamp, etc. enriches the level of space lighting, and the cooperation of multiple light sources makes the space lighting colorful. In addition, the newly launched lighting this year pays more attention to creating a colorful feeling. Transparent lighting materials such as glass, crystal and sheepskin have become the mainstream of the lighting market, which is really gratifying

counterfeits have hidden dangers

however, in addition to being happy, we also see some discordant sounds in the lighting market. The improvement of people's living standards and the "love the new and hate the old" of lighting promote the development of the industry, but also bring severe challenges to operators. According to insiders, it takes only 3 to 10 days for a new product to be put on the market, which not only causes great losses to the leading developers, but also gives a major blow to the enthusiasm of product designers, thus causing the phenomenon of mutual price pressure between enterprises

in addition, the price of energy-saving lamps has always been high, which has also buried hidden dangers for its poor market promotion. Mr. Hu, who is shopping for lamps, told the author, "we don't know that energy conservation and environmental protection are good, but compared with ordinary bulbs, energy-saving lamps are at least five times more expensive, and there are some special requirements for use."

choose lamps and lanterns according to five principles

in the face of various unique lighting shapes, how should consumers choose? A person in charge of lamps and lanterns in lamp city told the author that lighting should follow the following five principles; First of all, it should match the height of the room

when the height of the room is less than 3 meters, it is not suitable to choose long suspender chandeliers and crystal lamps with high sag, otherwise it will hinder safety; Secondly, it is suitable for the area of the room. The area of lighting should not be greater than 2%-3% of the room area. If the lighting is insufficient, the number can be increased, otherwise the decorative effect will be affected; Third, adapt to the overall decoration style to avoid giving people a messy feeling; Fourth, adapt to the environmental quality of the room. Lamps with special functions of moisture-proof and waterproof should be selected for special environments such as toilets and kitchens; Finally, it adapts to the load-bearing capacity of the top. Especially for the top of the ceiling, there must be enough load to install appropriate lamps




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